Wednesday, December 6, 2023

 Joe Biden, politician.

“Genocide Joe” protestors call the President of the United States with good reason. Biden’s vociferous support for arming Israel and sending it trillions of dollars when he was a young senator was played on television. The Open Secrets database which monitors the US Congress wrote: “During his 36 years in the Senate, Biden was the chamber's biggest recipient in history of donations from pro-Israeli groups, taking in $4.2 million.” Biden’s unflinching support for Israel and his refusal to stop Israel from massacring Palestinians in Gaza has revealed the shallowness of the man. He has been foremost in giving Israel the latest weaponry, the jet fighters and bombers, the unlimited government payments while watching Israelis imprison Palestinians without trial, try children for alleged crimes and locking them away for years while terrorizing the Palestinians in the West Bank, shooting them with impunity and imprisoning the people of Gaza, treating them as prisoners, humiliating them, killing them with the approval of the United States and its satellites such as Canada. Now that Israel’s continuous bombing of Gaza has claimed over 16,000 Palestinians, 70% of whom are women and children and hundreds of thousands of citizens around the world are protesting the genocide and U.S. warships protecting Israel from reprisal by nations calling for a ceasefire and threatening to intervene, Biden and his spokesmen who have repeated the Israeli propaganda like parrots, claim they have empathy with the Palestinians and are requesting Israel to treat its victims with humanity. The citizens of the United States, although besieged with television commentators to pity Israel and its suffering from an attack on its citizens by Hamas, the militant arm of the Gaza inhabitants, have turned against Biden and his quest to be re-elected as President.

Jewish Americans have organized powerful lobbies to champion Israel in the media which is controlled by Zionists who censure comment detrimental to Israel. Congressmen have taken their money to win elections and, having sold their souls, went so far as to censure the only Palestinian-American congresswoman for pleading for Palestinian lives.

Biden and his intelligence agencies must have known of the Hamas attack a year before it happened. Its blueprint depicting the machinery and routes of the attackers were in the hands of Israeli intelligence yet no precaution was taken. Rather Israeli soldiers stationed where the attack was to break onto Israeli soil were sent to the West Bank ostensibly to stop the illegal Israeli settlers from attacking Palestinian villages—a common occurrence.

“If we look at it over the years, one of the main people contributing to Hamas’s strengthening has been (Prime Minister) ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu,” said Yuval Diskin, head of Israel’s Shin Bet security service between 2005 and 2011. Former prime minister Ehud Barak agreed, telling Army Radio in 2019: “Netanyahu’s strategy is to keep Hamas alive and kicking ... in order to weaken the Palestinian Authority in (the West Bank).” Their shared political goal is to thwart the famous “two-state solution,” in which Jewish and Palestinian Arab states would live side by side in peace on the land between the Jordan River and the sea.

Now Netanyahu, for months besieged by protestors opposed to his weakening of the courts to prevent his conviction for crimes while he ran his far-right government, had an excuse for diverting attention to the defence of Israel and the extermination of the Palestinian people. He claimst that it is really the Hamas soldiers he wants to erase. His language and that of his cabinet comes from the mind of a psychopath. Can Biden’s cool indifference to the genocide reflect a psychopathic temperament? His opponent for the presidency, Donald Trump, is psychopathic. Biden claims he is running for re-election because the dangerous Trump is running. What are his chances for re-election?

His allegiance to Israel at all cost has lost him the support of many blacks and the young voter who gets news from the internet to avoid the bias of the networks. Many Democrats have been complaining that he is too old. He walks with pigeon steps and talks through a speech impediment that makes him slur his words. In a word he lacks charisma which his opponent has in spades.

Trump is threatening to be a dictator and millions of Republicans will vote for him. Biden’s stubbornness may lead to his biggest mistake. I recall watching one of his mistakes made while chairman of the Senate Committee that approved Clarence Thomas’ election for the Supreme Court despite credible evidence that he sexually abused his female law clerk. Biden sided with the President and his powerful colleagues rather than support a brave young woman warning the nation about Thomas. These many years laterThomas is found to be the most corrupt influence on the court and a strong supporter of Trump whose corruption will destroy the United States if he is elected. Another mistake Biden admits was his support for the war on Iraq. “Mistake” is the word Americans use rather than “war crime”.

The emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, has described Israel’s military campaign in Gaza as a “genocide” and said it was a disgrace that the international community had not stopped “this heinous crime”. To which I say “Amen.”

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