Tuesday, December 19, 2023

False Flags

In my essay entitled “Joe Biden, politician” I surmised that if Israeli intelligence knew the details of the Hamas raid on Israel a year in advance, American intelligence knew of it since they work closely together. The removal of troops from the area where the incursion was to take place would seem foolhardy to any observer and definitely to American intelligence operatives which have a responsibility to Israeli security. The apparent indifference of the Israeli political leaders must have alarmed them as much as the Israeli operatives and a satisfactory answer from the political leaders must have been known to the operatives of both countries, whether as an explanation or an order. 

The wholesale slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli bombers and rockets in the guise of Israel defending itself would have been foreseen by Hamas leaders who experienced fierce retaliation in previous years. The young Hamas officer who was said to have planned the attack and led his division of soldiers into Israel was pictured on television in the early news of the attack along with scenes and reports of savage deeds perpetrated on innocent Jews enjoying a national holiday. What was the purpose of the attack? To show Israelis that they were more vulnerable than they thought? To sabotage the recent negotiations between Israel and some Arab neighbours to form an alliance which threatened Hamas’s existence as an armed defender of Palestinians and thwart the two-state solution that neither Hamas nor the right-wing Likud Party and its leader Netanyahu wanted, for different but collusory reasons? Would Hamas leaders be willing to accept the killing of 21,000 Palestinians, wounding of 55,000 and burying of 8,000 in rubble, at least half being children, as a reasonable sacrifice to effect such aims?

It is difficult to ask these questions when hospitals, schools and places of worship are targets, when Israeli soldiers shoot students sheltering in schools, when women are shot taking shelter in Churches, when ancient and sacred buildings are pulverized erasing the very meaning of Palestinian culture. The swirl of propaganda and misinformation blurs the landscape. Only when Israeli hostages escape from Hamas captivity, waving a white flag and running toward Israeli troops who shoot them does the Israeli public realize the fatal goal of the war. Israeli leaders care little for Jewish protests and mock the fury of the world’s peoples. Meanwhile Biden’s government vetoes the United Nations’ demand for a ceasefire and Biden, while calling on Israel to observe the rules of humanity, unilaterally supplies it with more weapons and funds to continue the slaughter.

Israel through its intelligence agency, the Mossad, is infamous for using false flag operations to incite a war or an event where an innocent party is blamed for a terrorist act and the real perpetrator achieves its purpose. The insightful Laurent Guyenot in his book JFk—9/11: 50 Years of Deep State makes a believable argument that Israel planned the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 with help from Jewish Neo-Cons such as Richard Perle and their allies in the U.S. government. Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were immediately declared responsible by the American media which has been partial to Israel in its reporting. The ruse was successful. Israel incited the U.S. to invade and disarm Israel’s enemies Afghanistan and Iraq at the cost of American lives and funds.

    The horror of the destruction and high death toll on 9/11 would have had to be planned and carried out by psychopaths. Workers who were asked to build or set certain tasks quite innocent of the purpose would be compromised when they discover how they were used. There is group psychopathy or sociopathy as in the present Israeli government. The statements by those leaders to erase Palestinian vermin and their lack of conscience over the genocide they commit are a verification of a mind-set that could perpetrate a 9/11 catastrophe—even on an ally and protector like the U.S.A. Israel’s willingness to attack the U.S. was memorialized when Israeli fighter jets bombed the U.S. Liberty in the Mediterranean in June 1967 killing many American sailors. Israel expected Egypt to be blamed and attacked by the U.S. but the truth was revealed, although covered up for a time by President Johnson.

Mossad has trained Palestinians to be their agents, infiltrate Palestinian militants and lead them to commit acts detrimental to the Palestinian cause. Sometimes after a sabotage is successful and the misled party is declared an enemy, Mossad will kill the agent to cover its tracks. Could the Hamas attack on Israel have been a false flag? It has the marks of one. The leader of the attack, so quickly exposed on television to the world, could have been a Mossad agent. Nothing more has been heard of him. Were Hamas leaders aware of his operation? How could his plans be given to the Israelis a year before the attack? A fake or training exercise could have been made real as some believe happened in the 9/11 instance. Or was the attack planned by the Israelis and carried out by their “agent”? Hamas gained nothing by it, but Israel may annihilate Hamas and expropriate its land.

“It is a fact that Israel has a long history and grand expertise in false flag terror,” Guyenot writes. “The pattern was formed . . . with the bombing of the King David Hotel, headquarters of the British authorities in Jerusalem.” When on July 12, 1946, six terrorists of the Irgun dressed as Arabs placed 225 kg of explosives hidden in milk churns in the lobby, a British officer became suspicious, a gunfight broke out and the Irgun members fled after igniting the explosives, killing 91 people, mostly British, and 15 Jews. In Egypt during the summer of 1954. Egyptian Jews trained in Israel bombed British targets and placed the blame on the Muslim Brotherhood to discredit Nasser in the eyes of the British and Americans to compromise British withdrawal from the Suez Canal that Nasser had demanded. The accidental detonation of an explosive device exposed the conspiracy. 

Perhaps the actors initiating the War on Gaza will be exposed but the misery can never be propitiated. The world’s conscience has been awakened. When Alex Jones and Stew Peters can inform millions of listeners that American politicians are bought by Jewish interests and government departments controlled by forces inimical to the welfare of the people, there is a tsunami of doubt sweeping the nation that propaganda cannot control.    

Ron Unz and Clarity

The video interview on Rumble conducted by Keith Woods, ”Israel’s War on Gaza with Ron Unz”, is exceptional for its clearing away the Israeli propaganda and giving a reasoned depiction of the War. For instance, the beheading of Jewish babies by Hamas fighters was “nonsense”. One baby was killed in a gunfight. {I saw on American TV three boys about 2 or 3 years old lying on beds with feet toward the camera. One could not discern if their heads were severed. They might have been props.The news announcer claimed many such atrocities but no more were shown.} Western media must follow the dictates of Jewish control which is beholden to Israel. 95% of the US Congress must answer to the Jewish lobbies. It is impossible for Westerners to know the truth unless they abandon the mainstream press and search for the independent news outlets.

A friend alerted me to the online interview because of my suggestion that the Hamas attack may have been an Israeli false flag operation. Unz discounts this supposition. He cites past occasions of Israeli negligence, especially in a war with Egypt when Israel survived by the skin of its teeth. The arrogance and over-confidence of Israeli leaders led to dependence on advanced technology which Hamas overcame. Hamas killed top Israeli officers and badly damaged its army’s confidence. Israeli helicopters bombed the fighting indiscriminately killing those fleeing the festival in cars and on foot. Moreover Israel’s relentless bombing of the people of Gaza reveals a thirst for revenge that, according to Unz, makes it unlikely that Netanyahu could have connived with Hamas in a black flag ruse.

Unz, however, sees the issue from the viewpoint of the Israeli leadership. He does not look at it from the Hamas side. The raid on Israel could not have intended to overwhelm the state. It was foolhardy for Hamas to attack knowing that Israel’s response would be catastrophic. Either the leader of the Hamas raid had been compromised by Israel and turned a training exercise into a real invasion or Hamas planned an incursion to seize hostages for which it could exchange for hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons as in the past. Israel’s apparent negligence and its erratic response embarrassed the far right government into pushing its propaganda of horror. With the support of western governments, which viewed Hamas as a “terrorist’ organization, it could have reversed its understanding with Hamas over the two-state solution, no doubt to Hamas’s surprise, and determined to terminate Hamas.

It surprises me that Germany is as attached to Israel as the United States and gives unconditional support to its massacre of Palestinians. Unz observed that Nazism seems modelled after Judaism. The Talmud’s teaching that Jews, united by Jewishness, are chosen by God as a super race and must treat non-jews or goyim as enemies to be manipulated and erased is reflected in the Nazi belief in the German as an Aryan super race. Most Jews today are unaware how dominant the teaching of the Talmud was when Jews were led by rabbis but the essence of the teaching remains in their background. Rabbi educators at the state-sponsored military prep-academy Bnei David in the West Bank settlement of Eli hail Hitler’s Nazi racist ideology as “100% correct,” only criticizing it for not being applied to the right people – that is, the Jews should be the master-race, and non-Jews the ‘untermenschen’. Israel’s government is beholden to the Orthodox for its hold on power. Netanyahu’s bizarre religiosity directs his inhuman war on Gaza.

Unz speculates that the reaction of people across the globe against Israel and its allies for relentlessly killing women and children may undo the Jewish control over societies. When 50% of the young favour cancelling out Israel and turning it over to the Palestinians, the Jewish oligarchs may have a more difficult job containing so-called antisemitism (which is really Judeophobia) with media propaganda and dark money. Unz points to the hatred of millions of Americans for the established U.S. government with its untrustworthiness, its bias and its disregard for the common man which spirited Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence. Republicans are limiting access to education and books in the name of religion and ignorance. To assure the success of autocracy and dictatorship, the government must censure education, its eternal enemy. The evangelist Christians’ rallying behind Israel’s massacre of Christians and Muslims arises from misinformation to which a blinkered education falls victim. My early novel, That Other God, which cries out for the recognition of the god of humanity, may yet be relevant if and when the populace can reform a world where dirty money and ideology determine the rule of the crooked over the aspirations of the people. The War on Gaza could be its wake up call.

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