Saturday, October 28, 2023


After 21 days of Israel’s War on Gaza’s inhabitants, over 7,000 Palestinians are dead from unrelenting air strikes, mainly women and children, with thousands more expected to die from Israel’s refusal to let food, water, electricity, and medicines into the Gaza prison which Jewish guards have controlled for decades by punishing regulations and periodic killings. Journalists risking their lives to report Israel’s war crimes, have lost 27 of their number under indiscriminate bombing so far. King Abdullah of Jordan’s accusing Israel of treating non Jews as inferior humans is a good starting point for understanding this conflict. 

Yahweh, the Jewish war god, killed off the other gods, and as a revengeful psychopath demanded absolute obedience from his people. The psychoses that a psychopath imparts on his children, who are bound in Jewishness worldwide as their identity and has no belief in after-life as an escape, brands them with guilt, a sense of superiority and an assumption of innocence in the face of lesser humans who are intrinsically evil. Jews may manipulate and even exterminate the “others” with a clear conscience.

Laurent Guyénol in his insightful book From Yahweh to Zion (2018) writes: “In certain essential aspects, Judaism is a form of ‘collective sociopath.’ This does not mean that ‘the Jews’ are sociopaths, but rather that they are victims of a mental trap inherited from their ancestors and imposed by their elites. The difference between collective sociopathy and individual sociopathy according to Freud: participation in a collective sociopathic mentality allows members of the community to channel sociopathic tendencies toward the outside of the community , and to maintain within it a high degree of sociability.” The paradigm of the Jewish group soul “connects  each Jew to the millions  of Jewish victims of Nazism.” “Every Jew killed is a potential genocide; whoever kills a Jew kills the Jewish people. . . .any terrorist act will always be automatically interpreted by Israel as the simulacrum on a small scale of the generalized massacre of an entire population. Here, I think, we have a psychological key to understanding the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

The unconscionable support of the United States of Israel against the Palestinians by supplying  it with billions of dollars, the latest weaponry and aircraft on the canard that it has the right to defend itself—against an impoverished, imprisoned people with home-made weapons, can be attributed to the Jewish power over the media and many years of manipulating the politicians and government officials as well as “the Judaization of Christianity” culminating in American Evangelical Christianity as powerful allies of Zionism. The cries of the world’s nations for a cease fire vetoed by the U.S. condemns the Americans as complicit in the genocide. US. Officials such as President Biden and Blinken mouth the words of the psychopath leaders of Israel to the everlasting shame of the population they represent.

Confident in its power the U.S. is ready to challenge with war any nation driven to rescuing the Palestinians to the extent that a World War might ensue. Yahweh, the god of war, a myth becomes a reality.

“Jewishness seems to induce a blind spot among some high-level intellectuals: they become irrational as soon as they approach a subject with any relationship to their community,” Guyénol writes, “as if an unconscious imperative—some programmed subroutine in the superego—suddenly short-circuited their objectivity.”

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