Sunday, December 14, 2014

Episodes and Vignettes, additions to the autobiography of D R Beasley

The autobiography has been in circulation for just a week or so and already I noticed that I forgot to add information to an incident—information that I deem important to an understanding of the incident. To those volume ones already printed I shall insert an addenda page with the sentences. I have replaced the PDF vol. 1 on my web site with a new one in which the sentences have been included in the proper place. For those who had bought the printed volumes, I shall try to send the addendum. Here is the addendum for those I may have missed:

page 40, add to paragraph ending “we would never attend Central Collegiate again.”
I was shocked to learn that the boy who looked like a pressman had set fire to the school, was jailed and hanged himself. He had been setting fires in his neighborhood.

In addition please replace the word "Provincetown" as in "Fathers of Confederation at Provincetown" halfway down page 32 in Vol. One with "Charlottetown". This was an odd mistake to make.

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